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Who We Are

At Vancouver International Airport, Pacific Avionics & Instruments, a division of IMP Group Limited, is one of the most professional and complete avionics and instruments sales, and service facilities in North America.

Since 1964, Pacific Avionics & Instruments has become an industry leader in avionics and instrument repair, overhaul, modification/system design and installations. Our broad range of clients trust Pacific Avionics & Instruments for unparalleled expertise and reliable results.

Supporting more than 24 manufacturers of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft equipment through sales and service centre agreements, Pacific Avionics & Instruments is the dependable choice for your avionics and instrument repair needs.

With our professional staff, Pacific Avionics & Instrument's strength lies in the ingenuity, experience and dedication of its technicians and support staff. Our highly motivated team is one of the largest in Canada for avionics, instrument repairs and installations. With an average of  18 years experience per technician, Pacific Avionics & Instrument's staff is committed to maintaining our tradition of high quality service and repair.

Our capabilities extend to more than just sales, installation and repairs. Pacific Avionics & Instrument's technicians can diagnose and locate the source of your avionics/instrument problems and correct them in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Our policy is to provide the integrity and pride in our products and services that will continue to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Specialized Services
  • Avionics/Instruments sales & installations
  • Repair & Overhaul, avionics and instruments
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Installations
  • Intelligibility Evaluators
  • Flight Data Dumps &Correlation Report Writing
  • In-Aircraft Flight Data Calibrations
  • Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder Rentals
  • PAU & RSU Rentals
  A division of IMP Group Limited.